About Pena

Pena center supports the cancer patients and their interests voluntarily and teach them how to fight with this disease in Kurdistan.

It has an active role in supporting, directing, and improving healthy life for the patients’ community in Kurdistan.

Pena center has a strong relationship with the patients and unite them together.

We are protected by a committee which consists of some physicians and professionals of cancer.

Pena is a none-governmental organization and officially permitted by the Kurdistan Region Ministry of Interior law (15) for the year (2001) of the Kurdish NGO’s; we are officially licensed in 2011.

Further on the light of both Articles (10, 23) of the Kurdistan Parliament No 176/G from the Act (1) of 2011 of NGO’s in the Kurdistan region was registered in the NOG’s institutions.

Our organisation is member of ECPC (European Cancer Patient Coalition) since 2011.

Activities of Pena Center:

  1. Giving instructions about health.
  2. Arrange better chances for the cancer patients by the interrelated organizations.
  3. Arranging connections among the patients.
  4. Publishing some instruction letters about health (exercise and food).
  5. Introducing cancer as a normal disease in the society.
  6. Improving the patients’ social condition in Kurdistan.
  7. Improving the patients’ psychology condition.
  8. Working on the patients’ economic condition.
  9. Improving the health employees’ information about cancer.
  10. Helping all of the interrelated organizations inside and outside Kurdistan.